TNP Enterprises Provides Energy Needs

Trimaran’s initial private equity fund spearheaded by the now private LBO of TNP Enterprises, Inc. (“TNP”), had the distinction of being the first leveraged buyout of an incorporated, electric utility owned by investors. TNP oversaw Texas-New Mexico Power Company (“TNMP”) and First Choice Power, Inc. (“First Choice”), which jointly served as a cohesive electric utility…Continued

All About International Transmission Company

International Transmission Company was founded in 2003 and today it has the honor of being the country’s largest independently-owned electric transmission company. It was once under the ownership of DTE Energy, the parent of Detroit Edison. ITC’s business strategy involved the operation, maintenance and investing of transmission infrastructure to enhance system unity and reliability while…Continued

Decades of Cabinetry Excellence with Norcraft Companies

Norcraft Companies, L.P. has remained a leader in manufacturing, assembling and finishing kitchen and bathroom cabinetry in the United States since the late 1960s. The company provides an all-encompassing line of premium quality cabinetry, offering customers a unified source for an extensive range of products, including stock and high-end, semi-custom cabinetry in both framed and…Continued

The Acute Care Hospitals of IASIS

Based in Franklin, Tennessee, IASIS Healthcare Corporation (“IASIS”) once held the distinction of being the leading owner and operator of medium-sized acute care hospitals in urban and suburban markets experiencing major growth. IASIS operated its hospitals with a strong focus on community, offering and developing healthcare services aimed at the needs of the markets it…Continued

The Groundbreaking Work of TeleBank Financial

TeleBank Financial was a federally-chartered savings bank that played a pivotal role in fostering unconventional forms of interaction with customers. Trimaran’s initially invested funds in TeleBank for the purpose of providing it with regulatory capital to aid its transition into the first Internet bank. Telebank and Telebanc Capital Markets were both subsidiaries of Telebanc Financial…Continued

The Technology Accomplishments of Global Crossing

Founded in March 1997, Global Crossing Ltd. (“Global Crossing”) has the distinction of being the first independent provider of worldwide long-distance telecommunications facilities and services facilitated by an elaborate network of undersea digital fiber optic cable systems and related terrestrial backhaul capability. Global Crossing operated was something of a “carrier’s carrier,” offered varied pricing tiers…Continued

Rely on the Investment Experience of Trimaran Capital Partners

Behind many great businesses and groundbreaking ideas is an investor that took a chance and helped bring it to life. By having a solid investment firm and a comprehensively prepared business plan, success is nearly a guarantee. Since its founding in 1998, New York-based private investment firm Trimaran Capital Partners (also known simply as “Trimaran”)…Continued

Odyssey buys Norcross for $495M from group led by John Hancock

Vitae a nulla eum molestiae rerum quia aspernatur. Consequatur corrupti quis numquam et. Provident nihil est sit enim quo ea reiciendis voluptas. Aut aliquam eligendi itaque qui earum accusantium molestiae excepturi. by David Carey PRIVATE EQUITY  Odyssey Investment Partners LLC is buying Norcross Safety Products LLC in a secondary buyout valuing the Oak Brook, Ill.-based…Continued

Strong demand boosts FreightCar IPO

Shares, offering price increased; 11% gain on 1st day of trading By James P. Miller Tribune staff reporter Published April 7, 2005 Chicago-based FreightCar America Inc.’s initial public offering got a warm reception on Wall Street Wednesday, as investors hurried to put down bets on coal’s continued resurgence as an energy source. FreightCar America claims…Continued

Trimaran Adds ESA To Portfolio

by Ari Nathanson Last week, in a single transaction, Trimaran Capital Partners acquired Educational Services of America Inc. (ESA) and completed the company’s first add-on deal. To complete the transaction, the New York-based private equity firm invested approximately $21 million in convertible preferred equity, with an option to invest an additional $14 million for approximately…Continued