Fund Management

Trimaran Fund Management

A middle-market private equity firm, Trimaran Fund Management is also known simply as Trimaran. By creating private equity or equity-oriented investments in niche middle-market companies, we seek long-term capital appreciation. In transactions ranging from under $100 million to $1 billion, Trimaran typically invests $25 to $100 million in equity.

We are seasoned investors. Since 1995, we have invested $1.6 billion in equity in operations over $10 billion in more than 60 portfolio companies.

Trimaran has invested in a multitude of other sectors, from development and technology-oriented investments to highly structured investments in projects and infrastructure to deep-value investments and turnarounds. In these acquisitions, the subject businesses spanned a range of sectors including energy, infrastructure, telecommunications/media, technology, consumer products and services, financial services, and production.

We are innovators. We have early investments in telecom and Internet companies such as Global Crossing Ltd. and TeleBank Financial Corporation. We spearheaded Texas-New Mexico Power Company’s first LBO of an embedded electrical utility, TNP Enterprises. Through ITC Holdings Corp, which became the biggest autonomous transmission firm under our ownership, we created groundbreaking investments in electric transmission.

Principles of Investment

Our goal is straightforward: to provide our investors with superior risk-adjusted yields. We do this by adhering to a set of basic values:


We understand a powerful, motivated management team is essential to the achievement of an investment. Our company management teams tend to have ownership positions above typical levels, sometimes by magnitude orders. We align our short-term and long-term interests with our managers’ interests. We support them with resources and help them attain their company and personal goals in every way possible.


Private equity investments remain competitive. Our achievement is due in part to creating investment possibilities in new fields and knowing how to create value before others discover them. Examples of this are our early involvement in telecom and Internet investments, as well as our groundbreaking investments in controlled electrical utilities.


We are investing in LBOs and recapitalizations, investing in development and investing in project funding. We act as a control investor in the most comfortable way, as well as joint control with other like-minded private equity or strategic investors. To complete operations, we are prepared to operate through complicated capital structures, regulatory, tax, and legal problems.


We think the entry cost is a key determinant of the achievement of the investment. For a fast-growing company, this is as true as it is for a fundamental manufacturer. In keeping price discipline, our access to proprietary deal flow and over twenty years of business experience are essential.


Our business model aims to maximize the number of possibilities that we and our portfolio businesses see. Our broad sector mandate, our wide range of interactions and our flexible strategy all serve to maximize the flow of our agreement.


For our businesses, we focus on prudent leverage, with capital structures that do not put unnecessary stress on activities. We have a bias towards early intervention when a business is underperforming. In our portfolio companies, we often create follow-up investments, sometimes to promote development, and when needed to cope with temporary shortcomings.


We treat with the utmost regard our colleagues, management teams, staff organizations, associates, service suppliers, and all others we communicate with. Our lifeblood is our reputation for integrity.