The private investment firm of Trimaran Capital Partners (“Trimaran”) is based in New York. Founded in 1998 to handle private equity funds, Trimaran and its subsidiaries managed collateralized bond and loan bond funds; and hedge funds investing in state and private debt and equity securities.


Trimaran Fund Management, LLC

Trimaran Fund Management, LLC is a private equity fund manager (“Trimaran Fund Management”). Funds managed by Trimaran Fund Management and its predecessors have invested about $1.75 billion in over 60 acquisitions and other transactions of over $10 billion in private equity. These transactions ranged from development and technology-oriented investments to highly structured investments in projects and infrastructure to high-value investments and turnarounds. In these acquisitions, the subject businesses covered a range of sectors, including energy, infrastructure, telecommunications/media, technology, consumer products and services, financial services, and production.


Trimaran Advisors, L.L.C.

Trimaran Advisors, L.L.C. (“Trimaran Advisors”) was Trimaran Capital Partners’ credit-based alternative property management arm in New York City.

Trimaran Advisors concentrated mainly on corporate debt below investment grade, using main loan studies to define appealing investment possibilities and track credits in the investment portfolios of the company. Several generations of collateralized debt obligations and collateralized loan obligation funds were managed by Trimaran Advisors. In February 2012, KCAP Financial Inc. purchased Trimaran Advisors.

Trimaran Credit Managers LP

Trimaran Credit Managers LP (“Trimaran Credit Managers”) managed distressed loan and equity-oriented hedge funds as a Trian Credit Funds sub-advisor, as well as other fund managers and managed accounts. Trimaran Credit Managers focused on leveraged, stressed and distressed companies’ personal and public debt and equity securities in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

We have a simple mission:

Providing investors with higher risk-adjusted returns

Aligning our interests to the maximum degree possible with those of our shareholders and the management teams of our portfolio companies

Treating everyone with whom we communicate honestly, ethically and straightforwardly at any stage