Rely on the Investment Experience of Trimaran Capital Partners

Behind many great businesses and groundbreaking ideas is an investor that took a chance and helped bring it to life. By having a solid investment firm and a comprehensively prepared business plan, success is nearly a guarantee.

Since its founding in 1998, New York-based private investment firm Trimaran Capital Partners (also known simply as “Trimaran”) has earned its experience managing private equity funds, collateralized bond, and loan obligation funds plus hedge funds that invested in public and private debt and equity securities. Billions of dollars have been invested by Trimaran Fund Management and its predecessors among more than sixty acquisition and other private equity transactions with sums of more than $10 billion.

Trimaran Fund Management transactions are largely growth and technology investments and also include meticulously structured project and infrastructure investments to deep value investments and turnarounds. The subject companies involved in acquisitions cover a widely varied range of industries including energy, telecom/media, technology, financial services, products aimed at a consumer, and many more.

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